Marcella is a freelance digital video editor working for brands such as People, InStyle, PeopleTV, Carolina Herrera and VOX Media to create entertaining, shareable, and exciting digital content. She’s independently produced, shot, and edited short to midform content. Her past work experience includes being an assistant editor for HBO's Original Documentary Student Athlete and People TV. As well as a shooter, producer and editor for Sprocket Productions

When she’s not working in digital she can be found independently directing or editing what she’s most passionate - music videos. Music videos allow her to creatively explore and push boundaries which allows her to consistently learn and grow in her field. 

Marcella is the editor you want around when needing someone who’s creative, cares about the work and is skilled in Adobe Premiere/After Effects. She is described by her fellow senior producers as a ‘team player, diligent and someone who can deliver without having to be handheld through every cut.’ She knows how to bring her own style to a project without following the latest trend.